Conditions of use of electric scooters

– The tenant of the electric scooter must respect the highway code in the same way as a pedestrian. The electric scooters can be used only on cycle paths, trails, and tolerated on the road. The maximum authorized speed is 25 km / h

– When crossing any other motorized vehicle or not, you are required to cut off the assistance electric, as much as possible, to put your foot on the ground and give way.

– The minimum recommended age to practice is 12 years old, and a minimum height of 1.50 m. The presence of a responsible adult in the group is mandatory.

– Electric Scooters is an all-terrain activity with a high risk of falling. You agree to practice this activity, fully aware of the possible risks involved.

– You certify that you have sufficient physical and technical skills to practice this activity

– Wearing a safety helmet is compulsory

– Closed shoes are mandatory to practice the activity

– Arrival 15 minutes before the scheduled time for presentation, equipment, start-up and testing of the equipment. Stroll an hour and a half.

– Each route has been calculated with sufficient time to also be able to enjoy the landscape.

– Any delay will be charged € 15 per hour

– The lessor will in no way engage its responsibility in the event of damage or claims suffered or caused by the tenant during use

– The tenant is responsible for the rented equipment from the moment he takes possession of it and until his restitution.

– The tenant certifies to have insurance covering adequately the risks relating to the rental of a electric scooter (see multi-risk home insurance).

– The tenant acknowledges by signing this contract having received the rented electric scooter (s) and the basic equipment in perfect condition Operating. To do this, an inspection of the equipment will be made before taking charge and any remarks will be mentioned in the rental agreement. An inspection of the equipment will be made upon return. You may be asked for the amount of the damage done on the basis of the following package:

A motor (500 €), a display (85 €), a wheel (459 €), a power cable (15 €), a handlebar (56 €), a hydraulic brake handle (45 €), a bag backpack (€ 55), a battery (€ 696), a throttle grip (€ 25), a green grip grip (€ 15), a camera (€ 500), a helmet (€ 50), gloves (20 €)

– In the event of non-return of the electric scooter (s) (hijacking, theft, responsible accident rendering the electric scooter unusable), the renter’s full responsibility will be engaged and the scooter will be invoiced in full: € 3750.00,

– Respect a safety distance adapted to your speed between the electric scooters

– In order to preserve the electric motor and your autonomy, put the foot on the ground in the too strong climbs

– Wait for your whole group at each intersection

– Often view your roadmap or your GPS application to locate you on the map

– Check your battery indicator so that you do not come back by pushing

– Always keep control of your speed and trajectory

– Do not overestimate your ease of practice, be careful

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